ALHAMDULILLAH with the Grace of ALLAH (SWT) and the Blessings of Rasool-e-Maqbool (Salalahu Ta’ala Alaihai Wa Aalihee Wasallama) Idara Siratemustaqeem in the leadership of Mufaqqir-e-Islam Hazrat Moulana Mufti Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Asif Jallali serving, striving and confronting on many fronts against diverted sects and non-Muslims with the intention of welfare and wellbeing of all mankind and specifically for Muslim brothers and sisters. For this noble cause Idara Siratemustaqeem is working on many projects in which we need help from all Muslims who want to show the true picture of ISLAM in all over the world. You can contribute in this noble mission by donating in following categories;
Website (Provide all programs & other details of the events of Idara Siratemustaqeem)
Seeking Contribution in:
  • Annual website hosting charges
  • Website handling professionals’ charges
  • Latest Computer System for making it Data Server
  • Extra External Portable Hard Drive for Data Storage
Idara Siratemustaqeem
You can participate in joining hands together for overall development of Idara Siratemustaqeem by cash donations as well. Contact: Due to some legal limitations bank accounts are not available for each department and project. The facility of online donations from Pakistan and overseas brothers and sisters is not available at the moment. The accounts for different departments and projects will be available soon. For donation interested brothers and sisters can contact with website’s management mentioned in Contact Us Page. For all donations a transparent system is developed which is directly supervised by Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Asif Jallali Sahib the founder & Presidents of Idara Siratemustaqeem Pakistan.